Theatre is Dead and So Are You is an irreverent funeral for the stage. Read the obituary. A ragtag bunch of variety hacks are laying their sometimes beloved MC to rest, performing his funeral live, travelling from city to city, until such time as his body is too decomposed to make the proceedings pleasant. Their “eulogies” are performed à la classic variety, with slapstick, melodrama, song & dance, and feats of illusion and mentalism, each taking its own deadly turn as they celebrate the life and death of their dearly departed dead dead dead friend. Even in their joyous performance, a spectre looms as each knows they’ve all been exposed to the fatal disease that killed their MC: Life. Watch these seasoned has-beens kill theatre, live before your very eyes.

...[M]ore than irreverent. It ruthlessly and riotously dispenses with notions of respect for the deceased... While proclaiming theatre dead, the show’s sharp, thoughtful writing, high-impact direction, and skillful performances justify its preservation.

Ronnie Reich, Backstage (CRITIC’S PICK)

[E]ndearingly eclectic...

Rob Weinert-Kendt, Village Voice

A satire full of energy and irreverence...Imaginative text, with great actors and a
strong director.

Mario Fratti, America Oggi

Kiran Rikhye’s raucous spectacle is a pastiche of dead and dying theatrical forms... performed by young, vital and warm bodies, happily proving its title wrong.

Written by Kiran Rikhye

Directed by Jon Stancato

Dramaturgy & Music Direction by Emily Otto
Set & Lighting Design by David Bengali
Coffin Design by Daniel Green
Costume Design by Julie B. Schworm
Stage Management & Props by Aviva Meyer
Make-up Design by Cat*
Postcard by Carrie Leonard & Aviva Meyer
Additional Design and Construction by Noah Schultz & Rainbow Dickerson
Music Management by Raphael Biran
Weapons Consultation by Mike Yahn
Production Assistance by Margot Connolly

Featuring David Bengali, David Berent*, Julie Coe, Rainbow Dickerson*, Tommy Dickie, Liza Wade Green, Noah Schultz, David Skeist, & Alexia Vernon

*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Musicians Raphael Biran, Emily Otto, G. Doug Pierson, & Beth Price