The Accidental Patriot… is what Sophocles might have written it if he’d been under contract to Warner Brothers. This original 1930s-style swashbuckler is set against the tumultuous backdrop of the American Revolution. Mashing together Greek tragedy and Errol Flynn-era pirate films, it features both rapier duels and rapier wit as it satirizes heroism, patriotism, altruism, and all of the other “-isms” that move us to action.

British privateer Desmond Connelly takes up the colonists’ cause when a British admiral murders his best friend, a Bostonian patriot. He abandons his post to become a pirate, seeking his vengeance and sailing towards the destiny that will reveal his mysterious parentage

Written by Kiran Rikhye

Conceived & Directed by Jon Stancato
Dramaturgy & Music Direction by Emily Otto
Fight Direction by Barbara Charlene
Lights & Set by David Bengali
Costumes by Julie B. Schworm with Chris McCardell
Musical Arrangements by Raphael Biran
Stage Management & Props by Aviva Meyer
Postcard Design by Deborah Gorman with Aviva Meyer

Featuring: David Bengali, David Berent*, Tommy Dickie, Cameron J. Oro, Sarah Stephens, and Liza Wade White
with Alec Barbour, Raphael Biran, Stanley Brode, Rainbow Dickerson, Jessica Geguzis, Chris Hale, Cat* Johnson, Will LeVasseur, Jared R. Pike, Noah Schultz, Turner Smith, and Sean-Michael Wilkinson