Boy meets boy. Boy falls for boy. Turns out both guys are dolls. What’s a girl to do? In Stolen Chair’s newest collective creation Stage Kiss, a bawdy gender-bent romantic comedy in blank verse, love is blind…and lust is blinder.

Two doting single parents independently disguise their chaste young daughters as men and send them off into a nearby forest to bide time until Neptune has had his fill at the village’s annual sacrifice of young virgins. Gallathea and Phyllida, each believing the other to be a man, fall deeply in love…and lust. In their quests to obtain the objects of their affection, the two newly gender-questioning protagonists learn, with a little help from the goddess Venus, that love is many gendered thing, puncturing a Pandora’s box of sexuality and desire.

This spunky production plants a big sloppy smooch on its audience.

A delight from start to finish. Truly puts the ‘play’ back in play.

...light-hearted, fun-loving, libido-heavy amusement.

O’Hagan Blades, Theatre Is Easy

Smart yet lighthearted...delightfully tongue-in-cheek.

William Cordeiro, OffOffOnline (PICK OF THE YEAR)

Curious and aesthetic smorgasboard...with nods to boy actors, blank verse, and the Theatre of the Ridiculous.

Leonard Jacobs, Backstage


Written by Kiran Rikhye
Directed by Jon Stancato
Dramaturgy and Music by Emily Otto
Sets by David Bengali
Costumes by Sarah Riffle
Lighting Design by Daniel Winters
Tech Direction by Adele Rylands
Props & Graphic Design by Aviva Meyer

Stage Kiss Featuring Liz Eckert, Liza Wade Green, Andy Phelan*, Noah Schultz

*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

The Wings Theatre


Written by Kiran Rikhye
Directed by Jon Stancato
Dramaturgy & Music by Emily Otto
Lights & Set by David Bengali
Costumes by May Elbaz
Stage Management and Props by Aviva Meyer

Featuring: Jon Campbell, Layna Fisher, Cameron J. Oro, and Alexia Vernon

For his work in Stage Kiss, Cameron J. Oro was nominated for Best Lead Actor from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards.